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Beyond The Naked Eye

I am a master pattern interrupter who shifts and uplifts your life by gently and effectively eliminating the thoughts, feelings, judgments, and emotions which keep you tethered and no longer serve you. I raise your vibration and frequency by removing the obsolete systems, programs, loops of limitations, and patterns you have running in the background of your daily life.

Build Confidence

Energy work combined with patience and perseverance, creates a foundation for unshakeable success!

Achieve Goals

By clearing and deleting negative energy patterns, you embark on a fast track to clarity and your off-the-charts LIFE!

Live Fulfilled

While creating great relationships, getting organized, developing new neural pathways and honoring yourself, you ultimately become fulfilled.

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Break Free From Unhealthy Patterns

My signature process elevates your personal vibrational frequency as you become empowered to take your subsequent steps in experiencing greater levels of ease, joy, and abundance. You'll stop procrastinating, get unstuck from self-limiting beliefs, activate clearer intuition, and unleash your limitless possibilities.

Overwhelming Fear
Limiting Energy
Old Emotional Wounds

What if there was a way to clear your underlying energy patterns that no longer serve you so you are left freely pursuing your dreams and goals.

Meet Susan

14-Time Award Winning #1 International Bestselling Author

We All Have Potential to Transform

Most people struggle with fear, emotional trauma, and strive to achieve more.

Using energetic empowerment, Susan Shatzer guides people through a process to discover what’s holding them back so they can TRANSFORM.

Inspired by her gifts and her own personal experience with energy movement, Susan facilitates breakthroughs and extremely effective energy healing sessions for each of her clients.

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What if Energetic Transformation is the Missing Key?

Are you frustrated by a lack of progress? You’ve turned to self-help books, apps, seminars, accountability partners, and traditional therapy. While this has moved you forward, you still don't possess the level of effectiveness you know is possible.

One's challenges are unique. Susan has found that personalized strategies address your specific energetic needs. She transforms your mind, body, and soul into a new vibrational frequency through energetic clearing, healing, and empowerment. Her gifts allow for the kind of effectiveness and fulfillment that is beyond your wildest dreams!

The Universe Has My Back

Susan has helped me tremendously. She has a natural way of gently guiding me in understanding  what is holding me back. My sessions with her leave me with the sense that ANYTHING is  possible. I’m a big believer in "The Universe has my back" and now I can say with 100%  confidence that Susan Shatzer also has my back and She will have yours too!

-Jessica Rosen

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You want to be confident and secure. You know, that in order to do that, you would need to silence your inner critic. The issue is you're ready and willing to make a change, but you don't know where to begin. You feel stuck and discouraged.

With energetic healing; you rid yourself of anxiety, negative thoughts, and unhealthy behaviors. You start to set goals and fulfill them. You attract high-level people, places, things, activities, and experiences into your life.

Unlock your full potential!

Generate what’s not been possible!

Have a life you deserve!


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Stop living your life on the sidelines and instead create a life you love.

Discover how energy empowerment can unleash all the incredible potential that's inside you. 

Together, we'll develop a personalized plan to help you achieve success and fulfillment in every area of your life.

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